How to Get More Results Out of Your stock footage

When you are nevertheless unsure about obtaining the accurate publicity, There's a cheap but very productive gadget identified as an eighteen% stock footage grey card that will limit your stress, if made use of correctly.


When light-weight falls on a particular item; if the article is too dim your camera or meter will instantly Supply you with an about-uncovered reading. This also occurs when we take a reading through from a thing that is just too

bright – the meter gives us an beneath-exposed reading.

We have to find a mid-tone object for our meters to browse the proper publicity.

Often if we're getting shots inside of a substantial agreement scene a mid-tone item is impossible to discover. eighteen % gray is definitely the mid-tone among pure white and pure black.

An 18% gray card will record the precise mild that should contact any object. Begin by positioning the gray card where you are likely to get your reading through, issue your digicam or light-weight meter at the gray card – your meter should go through the exact light that falls upon the cardboard.

These playing cards can be employed for every type of photography. If you are using a portrait spot the gray card beside the topics experience. This offers you an actual reading through and help to seize ideal skin tones.

We dont need to have to be familiar with the total science of how this works, but recognizing a little doesnt hurt. All mild-meters are calibrated to generate an footage publicity of 18% The grey card demonstrates the very same examining.

This card only expenses a handful of Euro, and most decent digital camera stores really should market them. The eighteen% gray card really should develop into a very important component of the equipment. The grey card can be employed in the event you shoot with electronic or film cameras, and irrespective of whether you employ black and white or colour movie.